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Latest News and Updates

Marriage and Other Strange Stories

On set filming a comedic short about a couple on their wedding day. Should they go through with it?


Audiobook narration

Iva is keeping busy recording audiobooks in her home studio! First up is Virginia Woolf's "Orlando".


And that's a wrap!

Iva just finished shooting "Voice Message", a short film where she plays the lead role. Stay tuned for the premiere!


iSFF "Character Workshop" based on the Susan Batson acting technique, taught by Bettina Lohmeyer

For the past 10 weeks, Iva has been taking part in a character workshop based on the acting technique of Susan Batson. With the help of the incredible Bettina Lohmeyer, she has prepared two new monologues in German. She couldn't be more grateful to everyone who was part of this beautiful journey!


ZAV - Schauspiel Bühne

Iva is very happy to announce that she has been accepted into the ZAV agency!


Premiere "Italienische Nacht" at the Schaubühne

Thomas Ostermeier's new production "Italienische Nacht" premieres at the Schaubühne, which Iva is beyond excited to be a part of!


Premiere "Integrate 'er" at the English Theatre Berlin

A piece written, directed and performed by Salber Williams and Iva Topolovec premieres at the English Theatre Berlin's Expat Expo festival.

Two women. A bonfire of baggage. This performance is a broken experiment of identity and compromise. Using bodies and household items, we reach for ways to integ- …scratch that. What is integration, anyway?

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